Agrovista Amenity welcomes new amenity specialists

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Agrovista Amenity is delighted to announce the addition of two highly skilled professionals to their team. Charlie Seager and Matt Davis, both Amenity Specialists, bring a wealth of experience and passion for the industry to their respective roles.

Charlie Seager: Proud to be a part of Agrovista Amenity

Charlie will be based in the areas of Grimsby, Sheffield, Peterborough, Leicester, and Nottingham, and has an extensive background in sports turf management. His journey began as a volunteer groundsman at his local cricket club, where he discovered his love for the work. Charlie's dedication led him to prestigious roles at Rugby School and Warwick School, which gave him experience in managing a 190-acre parkland area, a 9-hole golf course, cricket pitches, and rugby pitches. Charlie also brings knowledge of complete pitch reconstructions.

Reflecting on his decision to join Agrovista Amenity, Charlie shares, "I saw the job advertised and having dealt with the company in the past I had some really good relationships with people at Agrovista. I thought it was a great opportunity to move into a new role but allow me to stay within the industry. I’m proud to be part of one of the industry’s leading company’s and to be able to offer quality products and advice.”

His goal at Agrovista Amenity is to replicate the support and knowledge he once received from his own Agrovista representative, Mark Allen. "Being able to advise and support people in the industry, just like Mark did with me, is how I want to succeed," says Charlie.

Actively involved in local cricket and rugby clubs, Charlie and his partner enjoy walks with their dog and share a love for live music events.

Charlie Seager

Matt Davis: From Greenkeeping to Amenity Specialist

Matt Davis, the Amenity Specialist for Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Cambridge, has had a remarkable journey in the industry. Starting his career with an apprenticeship at Brockett Hall Golf Club in Hertfordshire, Matt quickly climbed the ranks to become a course manager at the age of 27. After serving at Arkley and Hazlewood golf courses, he spent 18 years at The Cambridgeshire.

Matt's decision to join Agrovista Amenity was driven by a desire for change and challenge. "Two years ago, I couldn’t see myself doing anything other than greenkeeping, but then I had a change of thought. It was now or never to try something different, and I wanted to challenge myself," shares Matt.

Thrilled to be part of a larger team, Matt highlights Agrovista's commitment to staff development and investment. "The fact that the company is willing to invest heavily in its staff is amazing – the training is brilliant and there is always an end goal."

In his role, Matt aims to become the go-to expert, earning respect for providing sound advice. He is keen on obtaining additional qualifications and progressing within the company.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys spending time with his young family, is a fan of football and boxing, and engages in DIY projects at his cottage.

Matt Davis


With the addition of Charlie Seager and Matt Davis, Agrovista Amenity is further strengthening its commitment to excellence in the turf and amenity industry. The company looks forward to the valuable contributions both professionals will make to their team and the clients they serve.