Educational experience delivered at North Hants Golf Club

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In a bespoke educational event tailored exclusively for the greenkeeping team at North Hants Golf Club, Agrovista Amenity delivered an enriching experience aimed at enhancing product knowledge and professional development.

Spearheaded by Joseph Dormer and Karl Parry from Agrovista Amenity, the event provided invaluable insights into cutting-edge solutions such as Maxtima fungicide, the Agrovista Academy, and the revolutionary ParryMeter.

Maxtima: Revolutionising Fungicide Performance

At the heart of the event was Maxtima, a game-changing fungicide featuring Mefentrifluconazole as its innovative active ingredient. Renowned for its exceptional performance against turfgrass pathogens, Maxtima boasts rapid absorption, even at low temperatures, ensuring effective control of turf diseases year-round. Its long-lasting protection for up to 28 days, coupled with broad-spectrum disease control, positions Maxtima as a standout solution in turf management. Furthermore, its favourable environmental profile and compatibility for rotation underscore its efficacy and sustainability.

Empowering Greenkeepers with the Agrovista Academy

The Agrovista Academy, a free online learning platform, offers greenkeepers a gateway to continuous skill development and knowledge enhancement. Covering diverse topics ranging from pesticides to integrated approaches, the academy equips professionals with the latest insights, innovations, and best practices in the amenity sector.

Revolutionary Performance Monitoring with the ParryMeter

A highlight of the event was the demonstration of the ParryMeter, a groundbreaking device that measures the smoothness and trueness of fine turf surfaces. Offering precise data analysis through a custom-built smartphone application, the ParryMeter empowers turf managers with actionable insights for optimised agronomy and performance management.

Testimonials Speak Volume

Robert Schofield, First Assistant Greenkeeper specialising in irrigation, expressed enthusiasm for the ParryMeter, emphasising the importance of data collection in boosting professional standards within the industry. Ben Series, an Assistant Greenkeeper, praised the educational experience for broadening his understanding of turf management and product efficacy.

Paul Nield, a newer addition to the greenkeeping industry, commended the accessibility of the presentations by Joseph and Karl, highlighting the eye-opening revelations about Maxtima's effectiveness. “It was very interesting in that Maxtima can be used all year round, and the difference between that product and its competitors was eye opening. I liked seeing the data which backed up just how effective Maxtima is and how long it stays in the plant.”

Sam Evans, Course Manager at North Hants Golf Club, stressed the significance of continuous learning and supplier-end user collaboration in optimising course management practices. “It has been fantastic to have Joseph and Karl developing my team’s knowledge and identifying the best way to apply chemicals."

“The development of my team is so important, and the Agrovista Amenity Academy offers a great platform for my team to not only develop their knowledge but to have a record of that development. The relationship between suppliers and end users is so important, not only for the Course Manager but for the whole team.”

Looking Ahead

As the event drew to a close, the attendees were left with a wealth of knowledge and a renewed commitment to excellence in turf management.

The collaboration between Agrovista Amenity and North Hants Golf Club exemplifies a shared dedication to innovation, education, and sustainable turf management practices, setting a benchmark for the industry's continuous advancement.

For those interested in hosting similar educational events at their golf courses, please contact your local Agrovista Amenity representative today.

Agrovista Amenity Delivers Educational Experience at North Hants Golf Club