Agrovista Amenity Hosts successful Turf Hub Live event

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Agrovista Amenity, recently hosted The Turf Hub Live at the iconic Twickenham Stadium. The event, themed "Renovation Forum - Discussing the key elements to a successful renovation," garnered attention from industry professionals eager to enhance their knowledge and skills in turf management.


Featuring expert speakers and insightful seminars, The Turf Hub Live provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements and best practices in turf renovation. The seminars covered a range of topics crucial to achieving successful turf renovation, offering attendees valuable insights into mitigating risks, making data-driven decisions, utilising organic products, optimising grass blends, managing pH levels, and addressing specific turf diseases.

Jim Buttar, Grounds and Technical Operations Lead at Twickenham Stadium, emphasised the importance of such events in facilitating knowledge sharing and professional development within the industry. “We have all been able share knowledge and up-to-date information to give people more of an insight into what is available out there for them to enhance their day-to-day operations and renovations.”

Dean Tingley, a Sports Turf Consultant for ProPitch, shared his expertise on utilising data points collected over the years to advise on maintenance procedures, stressing the importance of data-driven decision-making in achieving consistent playing surfaces.

Attendees, including professionals from renowned football clubs like Watford FC, Leicester City FC, and Fulham FC, expressed their appreciation for the event's informative sessions.

Charlie Lewis Senior, Groundsperson for Watford FC, highlighted the significance of learning about emerging challenges like grey leaf spot, while Stanley Hayden, Assistant Head Groundsperson for the same club, valued the opportunity to discuss effective methods for controlling parasitic nematodes.

Jack Beal, a Skilled Sportsturf Operative from Leicester City FC, found the in-depth exploration of turf science particularly enriching, especially in addressing issues like infiltration rates and risk management in renovations. “Turf science is something I have been really interested in for a while and to have an in-depth day looking into microbiology is something I think will help me develop,” said Jack.

Jamie Reading, First Assistant Pitch Manager at Leicester City FC, appreciated the insights into sustainable renovation practices and alternative solutions for managing turf diseases, emphasising the impact on decision-making processes within the team. “Every speaker brought something to the table which we can all take back. It has made me question some of the ways in not only the way I work but the way we work as a team,” said Jamie.

Anthony Quinn, Head Groundsperson at Fulham FC, commended the event for its informative sessions on turf seed varieties and expressed gratitude for the continuous support provided by Agrovista Amenity.

The Turf Hub Live is testament to Agrovista Amenity’s commitment to advancing turf management practices and supporting industry professionals in their pursuit of excellence.