Product information sheets

A complete list of product information sheets for your reference.

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AWF 1 Shaded Areas
AWF 2 Wetland Soil
AWF 3 Lime/Calcareous Soils
AWF 4 Clay Soils
AWF 5 Acid Soils
AWF 6 Loam/ Alluvial Soils
AWF 7 Hedgerows
AWF 8 Sandy Soils
Bone Meal
Bowcom GMX
Bowcom synthetic paint
Bowdry MK III
Bowgrass Redimix
Bowgrass Regular
Bowgrass Super
Bowgrass Supreme Plus
Colour Concentrates
Cornfield annuals
CS1 Festival
CS2 Aurora
CS3 New Wave
CS4 Honey Bee
CS5 Celebration
CS6 Biodiversity Mix
CS8 Poppy Mix
Designer Action Replay
Designer Elite Green
Designer Fine Tees & Fairways
Designer Formal
Designer Green Baize
Designer Greens
Designer Outfields
Designer Prize Lawn
Designer Suburban
Designer Wicket Renovation
E2 PRO elicitor
E2 PRO phosrite
Ecoplug Max
Evolution Micro 14.0.14
Evolution Micro 14.4.8
Evolution Micro 4.0.7
Evolution Micro 8.0.0
Evolution Mini 12.0.9
Evolution Mini 12.6.6
Evolution Mini 4.12.12
Evolution Mini 6.9.6
Evolution Mini 9.7.7
Evolution Xtra 10-10-10
Evolution Xtra 15-2-20
Evolution Xtra 24-4-4
Evolution Xtra 46-0-0 Granular
Evolution Xtra Soluble 46.0.0
Evolution5 12.5.21
Evolution5 25.5.8
Glyfos Dakar Pro
Goemar Turf
Green Lawnger
Green Lawnger Pro HC
Green Lawnger TR
H2Pro Dewsmart
Hard surface paint
InjectorDos Pro
Instrata Elite
iNTrench Calcium
iNTrench Potassium
Marathon Golf Autumn
Marathon Golf Spring
Marathon Golf Summer
Marathon Sport Autumn
Marathon Sport Pre-Seed
Marathon Sport Spring
Marathon Sport Summer
Marathon TCR 4-3-4
Nemasys G
Nemasys J
Precision Pro
Proflora 08 Legacy Country Meadow
Roundup ProVantage
Stem Injection System
Tiger 90CR