Anthracnose package 1

Under trial conditions, Instrata Elite, with a combination of two active ingredients difenoconazole and fludioxonil mixed with E2 Pro PhosRite was proven to be highly effective at controlling the foliar blight stage of anthracnose disease.

Instrata Elite

Instrata Elite combines the new active ingredient, difenoconazole, with the outstanding performance of fludioxonil. Together, the complementary actives target different stages of disease life cycles for flexible application timing and reliable results. The fast two-way action of Instrata Elite can be used all year around. However, fitting into a proactive fungicide programme, to protect turf quality, the unique properties of Instrata Elite perfectly match the demands for disease control from mid to late autumn through to early spring.

E2 Pro Phosrite

E2 Pro PhosRite is a rapidly absorbed foliar feed that provides high levels of phosphite - a nutrient known to stimulate healthy growth and support the plants natural defences. Results from trials have shown improved turf quality and enhanced rooting.

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