Beepol bumblebee hive

Beepol Garden Hives are supplied as a fully functioning bumblebee colony.

The hives are already about twelve weeks old when supplied. This helps to ensure a healthy, vibrant colony that is ready to go to work in your garden or wildlife habitat area.

The Beepol Garden Hive contains eggs, about 30 workers and a Queen with an internal food supply to give the workers energy. The bee food solution is located inside the Beepol colony in a bag under the brood that the bees feed into through a wick. There is also a small amount of pollen to help the workers feed their young during transportation of the Beepol hive.

This all helps to provide a maintenance free bee hive that only needs positioning and opening to release the bumblebees into nature.

Beepol Garden Hives have a clear internal plastic lid, which enables viewing of the bumblebee colony within.

Beepol Garden Hives are very educational, as the workings of a bumblebee colony can be clearly observed

These Garden Hives will fit into the Beepol Lodge and the Beepol Cabin.



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