Defence Tank-mix

The defence tank-mix is a premium 4 way tank-mix which includes E2 Pro Resilience, designed specifically to facilitate the rapid uptake of nitrogen, calcium and magnesium to strengthen and harden the turf against disease.

This is supported by E2 Pro Phosrite a high phosphite feed, a nutrient known to stimulate healthy growth and support the plant’s natural defences. GoGreen Plus is added to the mix, a sulphur-free complexed iron to promote extended turf green-up. The fourth component in the mix is E2 Pro Elicitor which contains Harpin, which specifically improves nutrient absorption and abiotic stress tolerance whilst stimulating growth both above and below ground.

Key Features

  • Hardens turf against disease
  • Increased root development
  • Improved nutrient absorption
  • Readily available nitrogen source
  • Improved tolerance to abiotic stress
  • Surfactant/iron for dew control



Contains:GoGreenPlus 4x5l
E2Pro Phosrite 1x10l
E2 Pro Resillience 2 x 10l
E2 Pro Elicitor 1x1l
Pack Coverage:1 hectare
Water Rate:500/ l/ha
Application rate:GoGreenPlus 20l/ha
E2ProPhosrite 10l/ha
E2Pro Resillience 20l/ha
E2Pro Elicitor 100g/ha

Pack Information

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