A water approved adjuvant for use in CDA mixes. Eco-Flex can be used to apply approved products to floating weeds, bank or margin vegetation or turf. 

Unlike surfactant based adjuvants, Eco-Flex contains natural rape seed oil to help the applied product stick or bond to the leaf surface. The patented adjuvant formulation spreads over the plants surface areas giving greater opportunity for product absorption becoming rainfast within 30 minutes.

Eco-Flex reduced "wash-off" means your treatments are applied more effectively, which means you do not need to spray as often. Reduced spray frequency means you use less chemical volume per season. Reducing the number of spray applications has many advantages such as savings in labour costs, in equipment usage, in active chemicals in environment, reduced opportunity for mistakes and more effective use of man power. 


Adjuvant No.:0686
Application Rate:10 L/ha