Enclean® is a biocide or hard surface cleaner containing the active substance, nonanoic acid. Enclean can be used to remove algae and other green deposits from hard surfaces such as buildings, building materials, drives, roofs, paths, tennis courts, concrete, tarmac and block paving.

The active substance in Enclean, nonanoic acid helps to remove algae and green material from hard surfaces by the destruction of cell membranes, preventing photosynthesis and other physiological processes. The results can be visible after only a few hours and are long lasting with some surfaces remaining free from algae for a number of months.

Where to Use

For use on most building materials, pavements, paving blocks, steel, zinc, aluminium, tiles, bitumen, exterior wood, plastic/glass of greenhouse walls (outside), stones, non-grassed sports courses such as athletic tracks.

When to Use

  • Apply at any time of year when algae is present on both porous and non-porous hard surfaces.
  • Ensure that no rain is forecast for at least two hours post-application and the temperature is above freezing.

Additional information

  • After application rinse spray equipment with water
  • For zinc, aluminium, stainless steel, steel: if a thin white layer persists 14 days after treatment, rinse with clean water
  • For any other materials than those listed above (including limestone), perform a test on a non-visible corner before extending the application to the entire surface
  • Avoid contact with non-target organisms or plants


Contains:500 g/l nonanoic acid
Application Rate:18l/ha
Water Rate:250l/ha
Product Type:Biocide/Surface Cleaner
Max Treatments Per Year:2
Application method:Conventional hydraulic sprayer, Vehicle mounted sprayer

Product Usage Calendar

*Main Usage Period*Extended Usage Period

Pack Information

CodePack Size
1880411 litre

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