GoGreen Granules

Long-lasting iron granules, formulated for outstanding results.

GoGreen Granules contain iron oxide giving it its unique slow release properties. In addition to this a useful amount of potassium (10%) hardens the grass by strengthening cell walls and augments a trace of naturally occurring nitrogen and 8.7% slow release iron to give a product that improves the health and appearance of the turf without the blackening caused by some iron treatments. 

Key Points

  • Formulated with a new dual action wetting agent component
  • Rapid response
  • Increased spreading and coverage
  • Winter green up
  • Iron chlorosis control
  • No need for irrigation


Analysis:2.0.10 + 8.7Fe
Formulation:Mini Granules
Application Rate:400 kg/ha
Pack Coverage:500m2
Product Type:Mini granules
Product Longevity:Can last up to 5 months

Product Usage Calendar

*Main Usage Period*Extended Usage Period

Pack Information

CodePack Size
343720 kg

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