GoGreen Plus

GoGreen Plus is a versatile, complexed iron that gives extended green-up, whilst correcting iron deficiency and will harden turf.

The complex regulates the release of iron over a longer period to give a sustained effect without the blackening that some irons can cause. The addition of potassium gives a greater hardening effect on grass through autumn, winter and spring. Potassium plays an important part in strengthening cell walls in the leaf and stem of the grass plants, improving resistance to cold temperature.

A trace element package and supplemented magnesium in the product work together with a small amount of nitrogen to improve the health and appearance of turf, without stimulating rapid growth. A surfactant system, unique to GoGreen, speeds the uptake of the iron into the leaf and, for a short period after application, helps disperse dew formulation at times of high humidity.

Key points:

  • Now formulated with dual action wetting agent
  • Complexed iron
  • Contains added Potassium


Analysis:0.0.6 + 6Fe
Formulation:Complexed liquid iron with potash
Application Rate:20 - 40 L/ha
Water Rate:500 - 1,000 L/ha

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
A1755 litre
7344200 litre

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