GoGreen Select

GoGreen Select is a unique complex iron sulphate that may be used as a stand-alone product for rapid greening of turf or more flexibly, as a tank-mix partner with fertiliser and herbicide.

Unlike standard ferrous sulphate products and chelated iron, that can react with other components, forming precipitate and rendering the spray solution unusable, GoGreen Select is stable and provides an expanded range of spraying options not normally associated with the use of iron.

Iron acts as a co-factor in a range of enzyme controlled reactions with key roles in energy transfer and nitrogen utilisation. Iron boosts and bolsters the chlorophyll content and photosynthetic capacity of grass. It is not a structural part of the chlorophyll molecule but it is involved with its manufacture.

The greening effect after the application of iron is well recognised and the complexed formulation of GoGreen Select encourages rapid uptake by the grass allowing this process to take effect more quickly.

Pack Information

CodePack Size
17044010 Litre
170460200 Litre