InjectorDos Pro

InjectorDos Pro is a metered-dose injection applicator for invasive weed control, specifically designed for eliminating invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed and Horsetail.

The InjectorDos Pro provides an effective and safe way to treat weeds in places where spray applicators are unsuitable.

Key points:

  • Sharp robust needle delivers herbicide right to the centre of the stem
  • A "dial-in” facility allows to adjust and control the dispensed volume
  • No loss of product to the environment
  • Liquid supply can be easily shut off using an in-line tap
  • A finer second needle included for treating re-growth
  • Lightweight design, simple cleaning and maintenance
  • Service kit now available

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1/1 - The sharp needle delivers the dose directly to the centre of the stem.

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