Kioti WD series mowers

The range of Kioti professional Mowers are designed to give a high output with a high quality of cut and collection whatever the conditions, including wet grass.  The Kioti WD1260 is equipped with a centrally mounted rear discharge cutting deck.

The collection box has a capacity of 600 litres.  The ejection channel is extremely large and very short thus giving a perfect collection performance.  The WD is fitted with a 26 horse power engine - this is the same reliable unit as fitted in the Kioti CS2610. The twin pedal hydrostatic transmission and the hydraulic power steering allows the unit to make complex manoeuvres even in tight areas.  An electric switch allows the cut and collect operation to be operated either in manual mode or automatic.  In automatic the cutting blades stop when the collection box is full.

The new Kioti professional mower is equipped with Shibaura 26hp diesel 1131cc engine, which has been proven for its highest performance and reliability on Kioti CS2610 subcompact tractor.  The elegant and modern "one touch" hood allows quick access to the engine for daily maintenance.  The air filter and fuel tank are positioned within easy reach.  The battery under the dashboard is easily accessible by removing a grid fixed with two wing nuts, simplifying maintenance.  The oversized cooling radiator is protected by an easily removable protective screen to prevent the entry of any debris.

The hydrostatic unit has been deliberately positioned on the right side of the engine to improve it's cooling and lifetime of the hydraulic pump.  The hydraulic tank, a high capacity to ensure optimum cooling oil, is positioned on the left side of the engine.

The double HST pedal provides easy and comfortable driving conditions.  As it is mounted on Silent-Block, no vibration is felt at the foot of the driver.

The dash board displays all key functions: PTO Engagement Indicator, Battery Charge Indicator, Temperature Indicator, Parking Brake Light, Hour Meter and PTO Switch with Auto/manual Select.

The deluxe seat is fitted with two standard armrests and headrest to provide more comfortable working conditions for the operator.

The fabricated cutting deck with a working width of 1.2m can reach every corner due to it being offset relative to the wheels of the machine.  Flat iron reinforcement around the deck stiffens the plate whilst also reducing noise.

The anti-scalp wheels are located at the four corners of the deck to prevent the deck from hitting the ground, especially in uneven ground conditions.  The machine is equipped with oversized 25 mm blade shafts and steel spindle housings to avoid damage during cutting.

The drive belt is reinforced by the strongest material ever - Kevlar.    Available in high dump (1.91 m) or low dump versions, the short grass box allows a reduced overhang, decreasing the risk of hitting obstacles.  The inside panels of the hopper can be taken down for cleaning or maintenance.

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