MU-B Front mulcher

MU-B Front mulcher for single axle mowers from 12 - 25 hp to suit extensive and intensive green area maintenance.

Various quick coupling adaptations are available for different types of mowers.  The tried and tested modules of the robust MU-C are used for this mulcher.  The rotor is equipped with the well established “M”-Scoop flails as standard.  For hard and demanding mowing work, “M”-Carbide shackle flails, hard metal wearing plates and wearing skids are available as an option.

For special purposes the MU-B can also be optionally equipped with a rotor with free swinging Y blades.  The gearbox of the MU-B is also equipped with a safety brake.  Optional power transmission from the single axle mower to the mulcher is achieved by the automatic spring supported drive belt tensioning as standard.