MU-C Front or rear mounting

This range of mulchers is ideal for all mowing and mulching with small and compact tractors of 12 to 35 hp from cutting fine lawns to high grass or light vegetation.

The MU-C mulchers display their overall versatility, their good cutting and mulching quality and their robust construction.  The well thought out construction facilitates the widest possible range of installations onto small and compact tractors and small outfront mowers.

The hardened “M”-Carbide shackle flails ensure a good quality of cut in all conditions. The cutting height can be easily adjusted via the support roller and the small distance between the rotor and the support roller ensures good contour following.  Use of the patented, removable "Shark fin" shredding bar system ensures that the quality of the mulching and consequently the rotting process is excellent.

Optional incorporation of the adjustable hydro pneumatic Weight Transfer System MU-SOFA® for front installation in the front hydraulic system of the tractor also improves ride comfort and maintains steering quality even under difficult conditions, improves contour following and contributes to reducing the cost of wear and tear by reducing strain on bearings, wearing parts etc.

MU-C: The light and flexible variant for small tractors!