MU-C/S Side mulcher for rear mounting

The MU-C/S is one of the lightest and at the same time one of the most efficient side offset mulchers in this class on the market. It is mounted very close to the tractor and is therefore very suitable for use on small tractors from 15 to 20 hp upwards, provided that the weight and the track width of the tractor ensures safe operation.

Because of its similar characteristics the mowing and mulching quality is identical to that of the MU-C.  The tilt of the mulcher can be adjusted from 45° downwards to 90° upwards.  This makes it ideal for mowing and mulching ditches and embankments.

The working area of the mulcher is offset about 60 cm to the right from the centre of the tractor so that the machine and its operation are always well within the operator's field of vision. MU-C/S: Versatile and universally usable, also in combination with a front mounted mulcher for more working width provided appropriate engine power is available.