MU-E/Hydro Vario

The MU-E/Hydro Front mulcher with hydraulic drive is ideal for use with municipal vehicles.  More and more frequently users request powerful, hydraulically driven flail mulchers. Applications range from sporting and decorative turf to extensive green areas which are only mowed twice a year.

Powerful vehicles are available with increasing frequency for these applications and Müthing has recognized this trend.  Based on the professional light MU-E range with all the quality features for mowing and mulching, and the full equipment facilities of the identical basic equipment, the hydraulically driven MU-E/Hydro flail mower was developed in operating widths of 1.80m and 2.00 m. These mulchers are equipped with free floating linkage and can be side shifted hydraulically.  An alternative mounting is via a Cat. 0 A-Frame triangle mounted on the mounting plate of the vehicle.  Oil volume required 50 L/min at 180 bar.

The MU/E-Hydro: A genuine all rounder.