MU-E/S Side flail mulcher

The MU-E/S side mulcher with rear or front mounting is the proper equipment for maintaining verges, ditches and embankments.  This mulcher is ideal for rear mounting behind tractors and system vehicles from 30 - 60hp.  Operating ranges from 90° upwards to 60° downwards can be covered easily.

The hydraulic side shift also provides freedom of movement in every position.  A swivelling range of 50 cm is standard. This means that a total operating range of 2.10 m to 3.0 m can be covered depending on operating width (120 - 160 cm).  The mulcher can be supplied in left hand or right hand drive.

As the mulcher can often be confronted by debris, stones or contaminants on the sides of roads or paths, it is equipped as standard with spring steel one way flaps in front, a safety break back system and with “M”-Carbide shackle flails. These blades are capable of taking evasive action in any direction to avoid obstacles.  The patented “Shark fin” shredding bar system is also standard.

If large areas need to be covered the MU-E/S can be combined with the MU-E mulcher in front provided appropriate engine power is available: Outstanding and uniform results combined with high area coverage and economy!