MU-FM/Hydro Front mulcher

The MU-FM/Hydro is a front mulcher with hydraulic drive for yard loaders and municipal vehicles. It is  manufactured from high-quality QSt/E steel with linkage designed for a high, kerb clearing lift.

For front mounting vehicles without PTO Müthing supplies the MU-FM/Hydro flail mulcher with a powerful hydraulic motor. As the basic professional model of the MU-FM/Hydro has the same build as the MU-FM. It of course also possesses the same impressive operating and quality advantages as the MU-FM, comparable versatility and identical optional equipment.

The drive of this mulcher requires an oil volume of 40 L per minute at a pressure of about 180 bar. This means that the MU-FM/Hydro can be used both on yard loaders and special hydro traction vehicles. A large selection of mounting adapter plates for these vehicles simplifies mounting and optionally available hydraulic control blocks facilitate mounting on to vehicle hydraulic systems for oil volumes in excess of 48 L/min.  Oil volume required 40 L/min at 180 bar.

MU-FM/Hydro: More benefit and use for your loader and vehicle!