MU-H/S Rear and side multi purpose mulcher

The MU-H/S is a rear and side multi purpose mulcher with patented break away system for tractors from 55 - 90 hp.  By using the MU-H/S rear and side mounted mulcher you can turn your tractor into a universal mower for verges, embankments and ditches.

In combination with a MU-H front mulcher into a large area mulch mower with working widths of up to 4.00 m. To do this you only need 2 double acting hydraulic valves on your tractor, one of which should have a floating position.

The MU-H/S is of course equipped with all the advantages in terms of operation and shredding performance and the technical features of the MU-H mulcher along with the same equipment options.

The patented safety breakaway system of the MU-H/S via a mechanical arm is the active collision protection for both tractor and mulcher. This allows the mulcher to permanently reduce its load upwards, thus reducing the forces bearing on the lower link and the device.

MU-H/S: Its large operating ranges and versatility turn this mulcher into a genuine all rounder!