Pellenc Excelion multi-function brushcutter

Designed for routine maintenance or intensive strimming, the Excelion 2000 professional will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.  This robust, powerful and lightweight brush cutter perfectly eliminates tall, dense grass, woody weeds, brambles and shrubs.

Powered by a Pellenc ULiB 1100 battery, it’s quiet, non-polluting operation, and low vibration increases comfort for the user. Several cutting heads can be used on the Excelion 2000, offering different options for getting the job done.

Power equivalent to a 45 cm3 brush cutter
For mowing large areas and all types of landscaping work
Battery life equivalent to a half day’s work in eco mode

No motor maintenance
No use of blended fuel
Multi-purpose battery

Handlebar grip with soft touch coating
Perfect balancing of the tool for improved working comfort
Ergonomic carrying harness that ensures greater freedom of movement

Work quietly.  Zero emissions and zero pollution.