Pellenc Selion C21 HD - top handle chainsaw

The new Selion C21 HD pruner has more torque and is the lightest on the market, offering arborists a model that will meet their expectations in terms of weight, balance, manoeuvrability, and power.  The claw enables a more solid grip on branches and trunks.

2 kg of power and precision in your hands.  Pruning requires specialised knowledge and suitable equipment, the Selion C21 HD is equipped with numerous innovations. 

Specifically designed for arborists, for use with the ultra-flat POLY 5 battery
Pellenc brushless motor 2,000 W (equivalent to 45 cm3)
New motor for even better performance (increased torque)
New magnesium casing for better chip evacuation
New guide for constant and optimal chain tension
Battery life provides a full day of pruning work

Weighs only 2 kg
The claw enables a more solid grip on branches and trunks
Reinforced front hand guard

Time savings
Low maintenance
Up to 30 % less chain oil used

Noise-free operation
Zero emissions and zero waste