Pellenc Selion M12 compact chainsaw

Selion M12 facilitates the gentle pruning work of shade trees, ornamental trees and robust hedges.  It is distinguished by its compactness, fineness and the quality of its cut.

Gentle yet powerful cutting, the Selion M12 pruner is one of a kind, thanks to its weight and its exceptional design, which lends itself to a wide range of potential uses.

1,200 W Pellenc brushless motor (equivalent to 30 cm³)
Absence of a clutch and direct drive with the chain gear: more durable and more reliable
Pruner designed for fruit growers and vineyards
Minimum battery life of one work day


Time savings
Low maintenance
Uses up to 30 % less chain oil

Unique thanks to its exclusive design
Ergonomic soft touch handle
Only 1.7 kg in hand!

Noise-free operation
Zero emissions and zero waste