Precision Pro

PrecisionPro is a dedicated app and mounting kit for sports turf professionals using granular fertilisers spreaders.

PrecisionPro helps you measure your turf areas, calibrate your granular products  and spreaders and  assists you to apply products more  accurately than ever.  PrecisionPro is available to purchase as a dedicated package which comprises of a GPS enabled Android Tablet, case and mounting kit.



With a range of turf areas and unique shapes, calculating the exact area is not always an easy task.  Utilising advanced GPS technologies built into smartphones and tablets, the PrecisionPro app is able to accurately calculate the size of a turf area.


Calibrating spreaders has always been a difficult task and one that many don’t do. With our ‘Calibrate’ feature in the PrecisionPro app we guide you through each step of the process.  ‘Calibrate’ uses advanced GPS functionality that will tell you when to start and stop the calibration process.


No more guesswork about how fast the operator is walking or requiring different settings because different operators walk at different speeds. PrecisionPro ensures you walk the optimum speed of 3.1mph (5kmh) which also ensures optimal spread width of product.