Stem Injection System

The Stem Injection System offers an environmentally safe, cost effective treatment for hollow cane invasive plant species.

Invasive non-native plants such as Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed and Rhododendron continue to affect growing numbers of commercial developments, domestic gardens and amenity areas throughout the UK.. The stem injection system works by placing a measured amount of herbicide into the centre of the plant’s hollow cane.

The herbicide moves into the water conducting vessels where it is translocated to the extremities of the root system. The movement of herbicide is much faster using stem injection than with traditional spray application methods, as it is not reliant on being absorbed through the leaf structure in order to gain access to the plant.

Stem injection is now the preferred method of treatment for Japanese Knotweed by many local authorities, golf courses, groundsmen and contractors. The injection method can be performed in all weather conditions with the same results and since the herbicide is confined to the target plants, there is no risk to the surrounding environment from spray drift, run off or water contamination. Stem injection can be effective in as little as 2-3 weeks and, under suitable conditions, eradication of some species can be achieved within one growing season.

Key Points 

  • Sharp robust needle delivers herbicide right to the centre of the stem
  • No loss of product to the environment
  • Lightweight design, simple cleaning and maintenance
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