Turf Health Package 07

GoGreen Energy with its mix of seaweed, plant sugars, simple carbohydrates and trace elements along with plant growth hormones (such as auxins, gibberellins and betains) give optimum results when the plant is under stress conditions.

A low NPK analysis and a wetter/spreader make a great plant health product when mixed with E2 Pro PhosRite. Its benefits of promoting strong healthy growth with enhanced rooting makes TH7 a perfect stress busting Turf Health Mix.


Contains:E2 Pro PhosRite 1 x 10 Litre
GoGreen Energy 2 x 20Litre
Application Rate:E2 Pro PhosRite 10L/Ha
GoGreen Energy 40L/Ha
Pack Coverage:1 Hectare
Water Rate:200-500 L/Ha
Nutrient Input (Kg/Ha):E2 Pro PhosRite
N:0.4 P:3.75 K:1.75
GoGreen Energy
N:0.58 P:1.07 K:3.18

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