Turf Health Package 08

Water availability is a vital aspect of turf health moving into the summer months. Aqua-Zorb 45 is a key water management tool that can help prevent and correct localised dry patch, mixed with Seavolution, a quality cold process seaweed extract indicated to support poor grass growth, combat the effects of parasitic nematodes and fungal pathogens.

Complemented with Amino Turf, utilising the maximum concentration of free amino acids for protein synthesis, TH8 is a perfect summer turf health mix for growth and recovery.



Contains:Aqua-Zorb 45 2 x 10 Litre
Seavolution 1 x 10 Litre
Amino Turf 2 x 5 Litre
Application Rate:Aqua-Zorb 45 20 L/Ha
Seavolution 10L/Ha
Amino Turf 10 L/Ha
Pack Coverage:1 Hectare
Water Rate:500 L/Ha
Nutrient Input (Kg/Ha):Amino Turf
N:1.12 P:0 K:0

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