Turf Health Package 11

A strong broad spectrum bio-stimulant mix, combining the quality of cold process seaweed extract found in Seavolution with the firm humic/fulvic acids concentration of Rapid Root and the maximum availability of amino acids in Amino Turf, to stimulate growth and recovery during optimum summer stress conditions.

TH11 will also help to improve cation exchange capacity, nutrient availability and root development.



Contains:Amino Turf 2 x 5 Litre
Rapid Root 3 x 5kg
Seavolution 1 x 10 Litre
Application Rate:Amino Turf 10L/Ha
Rapid Root 15 Kg/Ha
Seavolution 10 L/Ha
Pack Coverage:1 Hectare
Water Rate:500 L/Ha
Nutrient Input (Kg/Ha):Amino Turf N:1.12 P0 K:0
Rapid Root N:0.45 P:2.4 K:2.7

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