Velocity is a unique adjuvant designed specifically to enhance the performance of disease control products on turf.

It speeds uptake of systemic fungicides into the leaf whilst improving the spread and leaf retention of formulations with a contact action making fungicide applications more reliable and cost-effective.

  • More reliable results from fungicide sprays
  • Improved spreading, coverage and rainfastness
  • Speeds uptake into the plant

Velocity combines the spreading and coverage capacity of organosilicones with the uptake ability of vegetable oil (rapessed fatty acid esters). It also includes elements to reduce reflection from the leaf surface. Velocity should not be used with products containing azoxystrobin, use Roller instead.

Velocity works in three ways

  • Reduced droplet bounce and shatter
  • Enhanced coverage over the leaf surface
  • Increased uptake through the waxy cuticle

Application Trials

In the UK a significant amount of fungicides are now applied using air inclusion nozzles. These nozzles offer a great reduction in potential spray drift, and many have a 3 star LERAP rating, making them an ideal choice for applying fungicide in the autumn and spring.

However, our application trials have demonstrated that spray coverage is reduced, and this has affected their performance under high disease pressure. The ideal combination would be utilising the benefits of air inclusion nozzles for spray drift reduction together with Velocity as a spray application aid, which will further enhance the fungicide coverage over the target.

Fungicide Packages

Because it can enhance the perfomance of many turf fungicides Velocity has established itself as an integral part of many of our industry leading fungicide packages. The packages offer many different options for disease control all year round. Whether you are looking for preventative or curative control or a choice of contact, systemic or translaminar action we will have a package that will suit your requiremements.


Application Rate:250ml/100 L spray
Product Type:Spray Adjuvant

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
170421 litre