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Making a positive change with Tree Hugger™ Biodegradable Shelters

Tree Hugger™ Biodegradable Shelters, available from Agrovista Amenity, are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic tree shelters or guards. Made from organic cotton encapsulated in renewable pine tree rosin.

The woven material structure provides protection from weather extremes and grazing animals. The cotton creates a microclimate with good airflow that prevents damage from frost and heat, allowing the tree to thrive.

At the end of their lifespan, they will completely biodegrade meaning that the removal of plastic shelters is no longer required, saving time and money, and ultimately reducing the amount of plastic waste.

Commenting on Agrovista Amenity’s commitment to making a positive change, Landscape Manager, Ed Smith said:

“There hasn’t been this scale of tree planting planned since the early to middle 1900’s. Since then, our understanding and needs have all advanced. Along with developments to help newly planted whips establish and survive. We are making a positive change to our environment, but also developing green spaces and supporting the UK timber industries. If we are to do that, then let us do it in the best way possible.

We recognise the negative effects plastics can have if they are left in our environment. This is why many recycling schemes have developed over the years which is great. If we look at the waste hierarchy though, recycling is third behind re-use and prevention.

Tree Hugger guards prevent any risk of pollution (plastic guards that may have been washed or blown away) and there is no need to go back and collect after their lifespan, which is a painstaking and costly task.

We understand that this is a mindset change and there is an element of trust with using different products. This was an important consideration when assessing other products available prior to partnering with BMP Tree Hugger. The natural materials to form this guard, cotton and pine rosin, are plant-based. Andrew Industries Ltd (parent company) have been working with them for over 100 years so they know how the materials will perform. This is why we guarantee them for a minimum of 5 years”.

Tree Hugger™ shelters are available in varying heights from 0.6m to 1.8m. There will certainly be no shortage of either as the company has just invested £1.5million in a bespoke production line in Accrington that can produce a nest of 5 guards every 38 seconds.

For more information visit Tree Hugger biodegradable shelters. 

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