Tree Hugger Biodegradable Shelters

Tree Hugger™ guards are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic tree shelters or guards. Manufactured in the UK from organic cotton encapsulated in renewable pine tree rosin, the Tree Hugger™ Biodegradable Shelters have a minimum 5-year lifespan giving the tree valuable protection during its critical establishment period.

Because the Tree Hugger™ Biodegradable Shelters are made entirely from natural, organic materials they will completely biodegrade at the end of their useful lifespan meaning that the removal of single use plastic shelters is no longer required, saving time and money.

The woven material structure provides strong protection against damage from grazing animals but is gentle on the plant offering little friction which could cause damage to the newly planted whip.

  • 100% biodegradable
  • 100% sustainable
  • Made in the UK

Our planet is changing, join us on the journey.

Product summary table

Heights and packaging
0.6m Protects against small browsing animals such as rabbits
1.2m Protects against larger grazing animals such as deer
Nests of 5 10 nests per pack
Diameters 70, 80, 90,100 and 110mm


Usage guidelines

Where to use

Tree Hugger™ Biodegradable tree guards can be used wherever young trees or whips are planted to offer vital protection against grazing and browsing animals and to provide an enhanced growing environment in the first years of tree establishment. Different sizes of Tree Hugger™ Biodegradable Tree Guards are available for protection against different animals:

Protection against Tree shelter height
Small grazing animals such as rabbits 0.6m
Larger browsing animals such as deer 1.2m


When to use

Install Tree Hugger™ Biodegradable Tree Guards as soon as young trees or whips are planted to provide protection for successful establishment and reduce damage from grazing and browsing animals.

How to use

Tree shelter height
0.6m 76cm x 25mm x25mm square tree stake
1.2m 1.2m or 1.5m x 32m 32mm


Unlike plastic tree guards and shelters, Tree Hugger™ Biodegradable Tree Guards are made from 100% natural materials which completely biodegrade over a period time removing the requirement for costly tree guard removal operations and reducing the amount of plastic waste that is left in the environment. The lifespan of Tree Hugger™ Biodegradable Tree Guards is dependent on the quality of installation and on local environment conditions. Extensive testing tailored to meet real life requirements for the product has shown that a minimum lifespan of 5 years can be expected.

Further Information on Tree Hugger™ Biodegradable Tree Guards

Materials and construction

Produced with:

  • Loomstate cotton, to reduce water inputs and eliminate use of harmful chemicals, manufactured in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
  • Pine Rosin is imported for processing in the UK from Scandinavian FSC sustainable forests Tree Hugger™ Biodegradable Tree Guards have a commitment towards being carbon neutral.

Healthy Growth

Tree Hugger™ Biodegradable Tree Guards allow light transmission throughout the visible spectrum but with the highest transmittance from wavelengths which are valuable for plant growth and health and lower transmittance from wavelengths which can be harmful to plants in excessive amounts.


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