E2 PRO Liquid

Designed to provide rapid leaf penetration and deliver essential nutrients directly to the plant leaf. E2PRO Liquid can provide nutrients on an as needed basis and can quickly relieve nutrient deficiency symptoms. The superior efficacy of the E2PRO Liquid formulations means that relatively low amounts of nutrients are required. The range is designed for rapid mixing with compatibility between formulations and a variety of other liquid supplements and biostimulants.

The high performance of E2PRO Liquid fertilisers is achieved through advanced formulation technology which ensures rapid leaf penetration and plant uptake of nutrients. Use of specially selected high-grade inorganic salts that are very low in impurities also provides long-term storage stability throughout the range. Delivering nutrients directly to the leaves is an effective way of increasing fertiliser use efficiency resulting in lower nutrient input requirements and fewer opportunities for nutrient losses. Foliar delivery of nutrients also enables flexible use of application rates to reflect plant requirements.

E<sup>2</sup> PRO Liquid 0-0-50

E2 PRO Liquid 0-0-50

E2 PRO Liquid 0-0-50 is a high potassium foliar feed that will strengthen cell walls, making grass more resilient to stress.


MSDS E<sup>2</sup> PRO Liquid 0-0-50

E<sup>2</sup> PRO Liquid 12-0-12

E2 PRO Liquid 12-0-12

A phosphate free NK fertiliser suited to regular turf applications.


MSDS E<sup>2</sup> PRO Liquid 12-0-12

E<sup>2</sup> PRO Liquid 12-4-12

E2 PRO Liquid 12-4-12

An ammonium and urea formulation with added phosphate and potassium.


MSDS E<sup>2</sup> PRO Liquid 12-4-12

E<sup>2</sup> PRO Liquid 17-0-0

E2 PRO Liquid 17-0-0

Containing iron for rapid green-up and nitrate nitrogen for quick growth response.


E<sup>2</sup> PRO Liquid 18-0-15

E2 PRO Liquid 18-0-15

A slow release nitrogen with a high rate of potassium and zero phosphate fertiliser.


MSDS E<sup>2</sup> PRO Liquid 18-0-15

E<sup>2</sup> PRO Liquid 35-0-0

E2 PRO Liquid 35-0-0

A liquid slow release nitrogen fertiliser, containing methylene urea. to provide controlled release of nitrogen over a 4-8 week period.


E<sup>2</sup> PRO Liquid 4-4-12

E2 PRO Liquid 4-4-12

A balanced autumn and winter feed, the high level of potassium replenishes levels in the soil over the cooler growing season.