Aqua-Zorb 45

Aqua-Zorb® 45 is designed for use in 4-6 weekly maintenace programmes to control localised dry patch and maintain conditions

It carries the same proven benefits as Aqua-Zorb Liquid such as water saving and improved drainage. Aqua-Zorb® 45 improves turf quality and colour with a special formulation that reduces scorch without loss of effect.

Aqua-Zorb® 45 contains very slowly biodegradable chemistry to ensure that is it not leached and remains effective for the full 4-6 weeks even under daily irrigation. Aqua-Zorb® 45 is formulated with multiple wetting agent technologies, enabling it to assist with moving water more deeply into the soil profile and retaining water effectively in the soil.

Key benefits

  • Relaible,cost-effective treatment for localised dry patch
  • For use in 4-6 weekly programmes
  • Slowly biodegradable chemistry
  • Dual action of water retention and penetration


Application Rate:20l/ha
Pack Coverage:0.5ha
Application timing:March-September