Aqua-Zorb Liquid

Aqua-Zorb Liquid is a concentrated non-ionic turf wetting agent that will enable water to move faster and deeper into the soil profile. One application can last all season.

Aqua-Zorb Liquid is the ultimate wetting agent that treats the cause of Localised Dry Patch. It's very long lasting residual technology ensures that a single application persists for up to five months, during the higher summer temperatures.

Aqua-Zorb Liquid can also be applied in the autumn to ensure improved drainage of winter rainfall and effectively reduce the formation of dew.

Key points

  • Effective treatment for localised Dry Patch
  • One application can last all season
  • Use high rate for long term effect


Application Rate:10-50l/ha
Water Rate:4,000-10,000l/ha
Product Type:Wetting Agent

Product Usage Calendar

*Main Usage Period*Extended Usage Period