Aqua-Zorb Tablet

A wetting agent tablet designed for use with tank irrigation systems.

The tablet is dropped into the irrigation water tank, where it will completely dissolve within 4 - 6 hours. The effervescent action in the formulation results in air bubbles forming on the surface of the tablet, causing it to move around the tank. This unique self agitating system ensures thorough mixing.

Aqua-Zorb Big Tablet is a great time saver for adding extra wetting agent in dry summers or when short of manpower.

Key points:

  • Compliments the other Aqua-Zorb products
  • Easy-to-use
  • Special formula for use in irrigation tanks
  • Unique self agitation system
  • Reduces switching on greens


Application Rate:1 tablet dissolved into a minimum of 2,500l water will treat 1ha

Pack Information

CodePack Size
A1182.5 kg