Basfoliar Root Booster SL 20-5-0

Basfoliar® Root Booster SL is a liquid NP fertiliser (20-5) with biostimulant effects based on a special formulation of complex amino acids to promote root growth.

With amino acids for enhanced root growth and drought resistance plus the NP analysis. Basfoliar® Root Booster SL is ideal for any sports turf surfaces and especially fine turf surfaces such as greens.

Basfoliar® Root Booster SL leads to stronger and healthier turf and increased quality. Basfoliar® Root Booster SL stimulates natural processes of the plants benefiting nutrient use efficency and the tolerance to abiotic stress such as drought and heat stress.

Basfoliar® Root Booster SL improves overall plant development, especially young plants, but is particularly positive in promoting root growth. An application is therefore recommended where a rapid root development is the focus.

The application of Basfoliar® Root Booster SL has positive effects in general plant production as well as in sward production. In Sports Turf, Basfoliar® Root Booster SL is especially recommended for the rapid establishment of a stable and resilient turf sward.

Basfoliar® Root Booster SL is also great for football renovation, 2 weeks after germination to boost the roots.


Total Nitrogen (N) 20%
Nitrate 2%
Ammonium nitrogen 3%
Urea nitrogen 15%
Phosphorous pentoxide (P2O5) 5%


Application Rate:10-20l/ha
Pack Coverage:1-2ha
Product Longevity:4-8 weeks
Cutting height:All turf