Bullet Recharge

Bullet Recharge is a unique, sustainably sourced, zinc, manganese, copper and sulphur fertiliser recovered from recycled alkaline batteries in a patented extraction process.

This 5l container recycles 77 batteries and saves 4kg of CO2e from the atmosphere. Its liquid formulation makes it an ideal tank-mix partner for fungicides, Turf Health Packages and fertilisers.

Disposing of Aalkaline batteries in landfilled is now prohibited because they pose a pollution risk to ecological systems, through processes such as the eutrophication of waterways. Just one alkaline battery has the potential to contaminate 167,000l of drinking water. Globally 10 billion batteries are used each year and of the 660 million from the UK most are stored or exported.


Contains:Zinc 4.5%
Manganese 4.6%
Sulphur 5.8%
Copper 2%
Application Rate:5 L/ha
Water Rate:200 - 300

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1872105 Litre