E2 PRO iNStant

A liquid ammonium sulphate fertiliser designed to promote a rapid turf response.

The gradual acidification of soil and to provide additional sulphur to turf grown on sulphur deficient soils. E2PRO iNStant helps to create a surface which discourages disease and worm casting activity. It will also favour the cultivation of fine turf species.

The high proportion of sulphur decreases soil pH over time as soil bacteria convert the sulphur to sulphuric acid, resulting in an acidification of the soil environment.

Key benefits

  • Promotes gradual acidification of the soil
  • Discourages disease and worm casting
  • Favours the cultivation of fine turf species
  • Compatible with other liquid fertiliser products


Contains:9.6% Ammonium nitrogen (N)
27.0 % Sulphur trioxide (SO3)
Application Rate:20-100l/ha
Pack Coverage:10l = 5,000-1,000m2
200l = 10-2ha
Water Rate:200-400l/ha

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
16610010 Litre
166120200 Litre