E2 PRO INStant

E2 PRO INStant is a highly economical conventional liquid fertiliser, utilising readily available ammonium sulphate. A wide application rate makes it perfect for all growth requirements.

Programmed applications of E2 PRO INStant, every 4-6 weeks will promote the gradual acidification of soil. An acidic surface will favour the cultivation of fine turf species. E2 PRO INStant has been specially formulated for ease of use and compatibility with other liquid fertilisers. The major nutrient inputs; nitrogen and sulphur in ammonium and sulphate forms are quickly utilised for healthy growth, even under cool conditions.

E2 PRO INStant can be applied at a range of dose rates to suit growth requirements throughout the growing season.

Key Benefits

• Nutrients rapidly available to the plant

• Acidifying liquid

• Tank-mixable

• Wide application rate range


Contains:9.5 % Ammonium (N)
27.0 % Sulphur (SO3)
Application Rate:30-120 L/Ha
Water Rate:200-400 L/Ha
Specific Gravity:1.21

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
16610010 Litre
166120200 Litre