Eye SPI is a temporary spray pattern indicator dye which helps spray operatives to see exactly where they have sprayed.

Use of Eye SPI helps to reduce both product overdosing, through overlapping, and underdosing, through missing areas. Eye SPI is non-staining and is available in blue and green tints which can be used to suit the application purpose and environment. It can be used with any plant protection product and with other spray applications such as fertilisers and biostimulants.

Key benefits:

  • Assists with visibility of spray treatments
  • Reduces risk of overlapping or missing areas
  • Non-staining
  • Enables identification of blocked nozzles


Application Rate:1-2.5ml/1l spray water
Active substances:Green or blue indicator dye
Product properties:Spray pattern indicator

Pack Information

CodePack Size
9337Blue - 5 litre
9340Blue - 1 litre
9341Green - 5 litre
9342Green - 1 litre