Eye SPI is a spray pattern indicator formulated as a temporary blue or green dye that allows the operator to see exactly where they have sprayed.

Eye SPI reduces the risk of overlapping and missed areas can be easily identified. It is formulated as a non-staining liquid that can easily be washed from hands and clothes.

The longevity of the dye is dependent on UV rays.  Eye SPI will remain for up to 3 days on a hard surface.

Key points:

  • Shows where you have sprayed
  • Reduces the risk of overlapping
  • Missed areas are easily seen
  • Bloacked nozzles are easily identified
  • Non-staining
  • Available in blue and green formulations


Application Rate:1 - 2.5 ml/L spray
Type:Spray Pattern Indicator

Product Usage Calendar

*Main Usage Period*Extended Usage Period

Pack Information

CodePack Size
9337Blue - 5 litre
9340Blue - 1 litre
9341Green - 5 litre
9342Green - 1 litre