Green Lawnger TR

Green Lawnger TR is a natural dark green turf colourant for season growth transition periods.

Green Lawnger TR contains specially formulated pigments and when applied to turf this unique formulation increases the absorption of solar radiation, which elevates surface temperature. This effect can help turf grass managers extend the playing season in transitional periods in the autumn and winter, it can also accelerate ice and snow thawing and accelerate spring growth.


When used as part of a winter conditioning programme Green Lawnger TR is an effective tool to limit the development of winter injury symptoms, as well as promote rapid and uniform green-up.

Key points:

  • Promotes early spring growth/green-up of cool season grasses
  • Helps extend turf growth in the autumn/winter
  • Accelerates spring thaw of snow and ice covered surfaces
  • Creates a uniform dark green sward during the winter months
  • Creates a natural colour, which lasts for up to 4 weeks 


Application Rate:2.5 L/ha
Pack Coverage:2 hectares
Water Rate:400 - 500 L/ha

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