Instrata Elite

Instrata Elite combines the new active ingredient, difenoconazole, with the outstanding performance of fludioxonil. Together, the complementary actives target different stages of disease life cycles for flexible application timing and reliable results.

The consistently reliable performance of Instrata Elite has been proven by over 60 trials across nine European countries – including STRI, Syngenta and on golf courses across the UK.

The fast two-way action of Instrata Elite can be used all year around. However, fitting into a proactive fungicide programme, to protect turf quality, the unique properties of Instrata Elite perfectly match the demands for diseasecontrol from mid to late autumn and through early spring.

Instrata Elite has been tried, tested and approved to deliver great results at a flexible range of water application volumes, from 125 to 500 l/ha. You can select the water volume to optimise performance of tank-mix partners, including some fertilisers, growth regulators or wetting agents, confident in the performance of Instrata Elite.

With Instrata Elite you get Syngenta’sproven contact+ activity – targeting spores in the thatch and at the soil surface, as well ason the leaf. That can quickly reduce diseasepressure during high risk periods.

Instrata Elite can not only be taken up by leaves and the crown but also by the roots. So any active applied that finds its way to the rootzone can be taken up and is not lost.


Contains:Difenoconazole & Fludioxonil
Application Rate:3 L/Ha
Pack Coverage:1 Hecatare
Water Rate:125 - 500 L/Ha
Max Treatments Per Year:2
Mode of Action:Contact+ & Systemic

Pack Information

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1731803 Litre

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