The active substance in Maxtima®, mefentrifluconazole, is the turf industry’s first ever isopropanol-azole.

Maxtima® provides turf-safe broad-spectrum disease control.

Mefentrifluconazole is a demethylase-inhibiting (DMI) fungicide that delivers exceptional performance due to its ability to bind more powerfully to the target site, resulting in long-lasting effectiveness and improved activity against a wide range of pathogens.

Features and benefits

  • Controls the toughest turf diseases fast
  • Fast foliar absorption even in cold conditions
  • Long-lasting protection, safe from rain and UV degradation
  • Enhanced binding power due to the flexible nature of the active substance molecule
  • Exceptional turfgrass safety
  • Low application rates


Mefentrifluconazole, the active substance in Maxtima®, is rapidly uptaken into the plant and quickly gets to work stopping active infections. The active ingredient remains inside the leaf tissue after uptake and is slowly released from this reservoir to provide long-lasting protection of up to 28 days. In addition to its superior performance against many common turf fungal pathogens, Maxtima® has a favourable environmental profile with low application rates and low toxicity to non-target organisms. Its unique chemistry means that it is an excellent rotational partner.

Leaf absorption much more than only rainfastness

With fast absorption of Maxtima® into the leaf for systemic movement through the plant, as well as the formation of inner leaf reservoirs, the active ingredient is naturally protected against external conditions like rain or UV light.

Following absorption, the leaf reservoirs allow durable translocation for local and long-lasting protection.


Mefentrifluconazole differs from standard azoles due to a unique isopropanol component which enables the molecule to rotate freely, forming a hook which can bind tightly to the target fungal enzyme.

This flexibility enables mefentrifluconazole to adapt to changing fungal strains and results in potent fungicidal activity.

Controls the toughest disease fast



Contains:100g/l mefentrifluconazole
Application Rate:1.5l/ha
Pack Coverage:6,666m2
Water Rate:300-600l/ha
Product Controls:Microdochium patch and Dollar spot
Max Treatments Per Year:2
Crops:Managed amenity turf
Mode of action:Sterol biosynthesis in membranes
FRAC group:3
Application category:Curative: acropetal penetrant and translaminar