SpraypHix is a unique adjuvant designed to adjust the quality of water in the spray tank and maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of chemical sprays.

It improves pesticide performance by buffering the pH to a mildly acidic level to minimise alkaline hydrolysis and improve uptake by the plant. It will also bind with dissolved salts in hard water that can adhere to pesticide molecules and slow down or even prevent uptake of the chemical in the plant.

Key points:

  • Creates the ideal pH environment
  • Prevents alkaline hydrolysis of pesticides and trace elements
  • Ensures maximum coverage of the target and aids rainfastness
  • Contains a patented colour indicator for ease of use - the water turns pink when the correct pH is reached
  • Stops pesticide/TE lock up from calcium, magnesium & irons ions in the water


Application Rate:Dependent on water pH and volume of spray. Water turns pink when correct pH is reached.
Product Type:Water Conditioner

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
A1131 litre