Enriched Biochar Turf Improver

Biochar is a carbon rich form of charcoal specifically designed for soil application to improve plant growth and health. 

Biochar is a very stable substance that is not broken down in soils, offering  long-term soil benefits. It naturally alters the physical nature of soils to increase nutrient availability and improve root  development, whilst balancing soil  moisture levels. 

Enriched Biochar Turf Improver contains high concentrations of multiple strains of mycorrhizal fungi and antagonistic  trichoderma, along with actinomyces  bacteria from wormcasts and trace  minerals from seaweed. The product is a dry granular material with a particle size range of between 0 - 5mm.

Biochar is highly porous and provides a permanent infrastructure for the  colonisation of beneficial microorganisms. Biochar also alters the physical nature of soil to increase the water holding capacity and encourage higher nutrient retention, reducing leaching and irrigation requirements. Other benefits to soil health include reductions in acidity improvements of the cation exchange capacity; and efficiency of fertilisers – all of which cause an increase in plant vitality and resilience.

Key benefits

Quicker root growth 

Increases nutrient retention  

Facilitates establishment of microbial population

Improves vitality & appearance of turf

Balances soil moisture



Surface dressing applications:

Brush into or spread across hollow tined turf areas at a rate of 1Kg per m2


Seeding applications:

Distribute over prepared seed bed at a rate of 1Kg per m2 before seeding.


Turfing applications:

Distribute over a prepared, forked tilth at a rate of 500g/m2 and ameliorate. Irrigate well before laying turf.


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