Garden chafer traps

Amenity areas such as parks, sports pitches and golf courses are often targeted by destructive pests such as the Garden Chafer beetle. The timing of applications to controls these pests is critical to their success.

The Garden Chafer Trap is a simple but effective product that can allow more accurate treatment timings against the larval stage of this destructive pest.

The trap will catch adult beetles and give an early warning of chafer grub activity. The trap also helps to reduce the number of egg laying adults in the surrounding area. Each trap is supplied with a powerful pheromone, which attracts male Garden Chafer beetles.

Key points:

  • The trap should be set in May and should be hung 50 - 100cm above ground level. 
  • One trap will cover 2000mor half an acre.
  • The trap is supplied with pheromone bait which lasts for up to 6 weeks.


When to set trap:May
Trap area coverage:2,000m2

Product Usage Calendar

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Product Gallery

1/3 - Damage caused by Badgers searching for Chafer Grubs.
2/3 - A close up image of a Chafer Grub.
3/3 - A fully grown Chafer Beetle.

Pack Information

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10416Garden Chafer trap and lure