Greenmaster Liquid 10-0-10

Greenmaster Liquid NK 10-0-10 +TE The NK ratio balances growth and toughens the sward, trace elements enhance turf health.

Greenmaster Liquid NK is a balanced fertiliser ideal for use from spring through to autumn. Its phosphorus-free NK ratio keeps turf growth in check and strengthens the sward. Its full trace element package improves turf health too and helps it recover from the stress of the season before for up to 6 weeks.

Key points:
  • Balanced NK fertiliser with no P
  • Perfect to use between spring and autumn
  • N to K ratio balances growth, toughens the sward
  • Enhances colour and health by unlocking iron in soil
  • Full trace element package helps with stress recovery



Analysis:10.0.10 + TE
Application Rate:40 - 120 L/ha
Water Rate:400 - 1,000 L/ha
Specific Gravity:1.23
Product Longevity:4 weeks

Product Usage Calendar

*Main Usage Period*Extended Usage Period

Pack Information

CodePack Size
904310 litre
10711200 litre