Greenmaster Liquid 25-0-0

Greenmaster Liquid High N 25-0-0+2MgO+TE has a high nitrogen content to deliver a fast initial effect.

Greenmaster Liquid High N has a mixed nitrogen source to ensure maximum plant uptake. A full trace element package improves overall turf health and stress recovery. It is also equipped with a high magnesium content to enhance turf colour. High N is an ideal tank-mix partner for boosting nitrogen levels.

Key points:

  • High nitrogen content for fast initial effect
  • Mixed nitrogen source for optimal plant uptake
  • Full trace element package to enhance turf health and aid recovery from stress
  • High magnesium content for enhanced colour
  • Ideal tank-mix partner for boosting nitrogen levels


Analysis:25.0.0 + 2MgO + TE
Application Rate:40 - 120 L/ha
Water Rate:400 - 1000 L/ha
Specific Gravity:1.31

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
B17610 litre
10455200 litre