Nemasys G

Nemasys G (controls chafer grubs) contain nematodes that provide the perfect biological control by entering the larvae, which stops them feeding within three days of infection. The larvae then die within 10-14 days. The nematodes complete their life cycle within the larvae, then enter the soil seeking more hosts, so the pest control continues naturally.

Nemasys® G targets young chafer grubs feeding close to the soil surface when the soil temperature is above 12oC (from August to September).

Beneficial nematodes are effective biological control agents that are safe to users and the environment. Most turf specialists use chemical methods to control pest problems, however insects are known for their ability to develop resistance to synthetic chemicals and some pesticides may be non-specific and kill beneficial insects. That, added to the increasing legislation and withdrawing of existing chemical controls, has increased the use of natural biological control agents as part of an integrated pest management programme for controlling pest populations.

Key Points:

  • Nemasys G contains the insect parasitic nematode Heterohabditis bacteriophora for the control of chafer grubs
  • Kills larvae within 10–14 days
  • Safe for turf and wildlife
  • One tray contains 250 million nematodes and treats 500m2
  • Follow application instructions and timings for optimum results
  • Use a penetrant wetting agent to help nematodes reach down to the grubs.

 Directions of Use

  1. Pre-mix the tray in a bucket of cold water.
  2. Add to a conventional spray tank or knapsack sprayer.
  3. Add a penetrant wetting agent to help penetration.
  4. Check sprayers have no filters below 50 mesh (0.3mm) and remove if necessary. For knapsack sprayers minimum filter is 18 mesh (1.0 mm)
  5. Start and continue sprayer agitation throughout application
  6. Apply immediately. Do not allow the spray solution to remain in the tank longer than one hour after mixing.
  7. After application the soil needs to be kept moist by irrigation or natural rainfall.
  8. The soil temperature must be between 10 degrees and 30 degrees at application and for at least two weeks afterwards



Contains:Heterohabditis bacteriophora
Pack Coverage:500m2
Water Rate:50 Litres per 500m2