Praxys is a powerful systemic post-emergent herbicide, it combines three active ingredients and two different modes of action to kill a range of difficult to control weeds.

Developed in an extensive trial programme, Praxys has an extremely effective low dose rate that gives a minimal environmental loading of active ingredient.

Key points:

  • Complete control right down to the roots with no regrowth
  • Rapid entry, rainfast within 1 hour
  • High selectivity to established and young turf
  • Lowest dosage rates and water volume of any herbicide availible


Contains:144g/L fluroxypyr
80g/L clopyralid
2.5g/L florasulam
Application Rate:1 - 2 L/ha
Pack Coverage:Variable
Water Rate:200 L/ha
Max Treatments Per Year:1

Product Usage Calendar

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Pack Information

CodePack Size
156002 litre